Research projects

Research projects


2021          Uni of Manchester Startup Grant, PI

Mechanistic and kinetic investigation of carbapenemases

Bacterial toxins involved in tyrosine glycosylation 

Targeting alarmone synthetases and hydrolases to tackle bacteria persistence​

The catalytic role of H-bonds in the hydrolysis of GTP catalysed by small G proteins and their activating proteins (GAP)

Structure and biochemical studies of glycosidases involved in mucin degradation


2020-2021  GW4 Early Career Symposia Grant Awardee

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2021-2026  Wellcome Trust Sir Henry Dale Fellowship, PI

2018-2021   EPSRC DTP Studentships, PI

2017-2020  Cardiff Uni PhD Studentship, PI

2018-2020 The AMS Springboard Award, PI

Sulfoglycolysis as a potential target for the attack on bacterial persistence​

2017-2019  Wellcome Trust Seed Award, PI

Structural and NMR studies of the catalysis of DNA-repairing enzymes

2018-2019  Royal Society Research Grant, PI

2017-2018  Cardiff Uni Startup Grant, PI