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Research projects

Research projects

Mechanistic and kinetic investigation of carbapenemases


2022  Manchester-Melbourne Research Grant


Bacterial toxins involved in tyrosine glycosylation 

2021  Uni of Manchester Startup Grant, PI


Targeting alarmone synthetases and hydrolases to tackle bacteria persistence​

2020-2023  CSC Studentships, PI


The catalytic role of H-bonds in the hydrolysis of GTP catalysed by small G proteins and their activating proteins (GAP)

Structure and biochemical studies of glycosidases involved in mucin degradation

Sulfoglycolysis as a potential target for the attack on bacterial persistence​

Structural and NMR studies of the catalysis of DNA-repairing enzymes

2021-2026  Wellcome Trust Henry Dale Fellowship, PI

2018-2021   EPSRC DTP Studentships, PI

2017-2020  Cardiff Uni PhD Studentship, PI

2018-2020 The AMS Springboard Award, PI

2017-2019  Wellcome Trust Seed Award, PI

2018-2019  Royal Society Research Grant, PI

2017-2018  Cardiff Uni Startup Grant, PI

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