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Dr Yi Jin

Lecturer, Wellcome Trust Sir Henry Dale Fellow

The University of Manchester



Manchester Institute of Biotechnology

John Garside Building

The University of Manchester

131 Princess Street


M1 7DN

United Kingdom


Yi Jin (金轶)took her BSc degree in Chemistry in 2005 from Xiamen University, China. In 2008, she obtained her MSc degree in Organic Chemistry after completing her Master's thesis in the group of Prof. Yufen Zhao (赵玉芬), Academician of CAS, at Xiamen University, working on the synthesis of transition state analogue inhibitors of phosphoserine phosphatase and phosphopeptides. In 2008, she was awarded the prestigious Overseas Research Studentship (ORS) by British Council and came to the UK for her PhD under the guidance of Prof. Jon P. Waltho and Prof. G. Mike Blackburn at the University of Sheffield, UK (see the "Holy Grail or Trojan Horse" story behind). During this period, she expanded the usage of metal fluoride complexes as mimics of phosphoryl group in various key enzymes in cellular signal transduction in NMR and crystallography. She stayed in the same lab as a postdoc for 2 years working on the strain catalysis of DNA repairing enzyme UNG using multi-dimensional NMR. In 2014, she moved to the group of Prof. Gideon J. Davies, FRS, FMedSci in YSBL, University of York, UK, working on various carbohydrate processing enzymes, including the first glycosyl hydrolases in sulfo-glycolytic pathways,  the first mannosidase in GH134 family, and using activity based-probes to trap glucuronidases in action.


In May 2017, she was appointed as a University Research Fellow at Cardiff University to begin her independent research career. In August 2021, she was appointed as a Wellcome Trust Sir Henry Dale Fellow at Manchester Institute of Biotechnology, The University of Manchester.



Apr 2024  RSC Fluorine Interest Group Postgraduate Symposium, Newcastle, UK (Plenary)

Dec 2023   Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Microbiology, Beijing, China

Dec 2023   RSC Protein and Peptide Science Group (PPSG) webinar series, online

Nov 2023   Biodiscovery Institute, University of Nottingham, UK

Nov 2023   RSC Carbohydrate Group Winter meeting, Manchester, UK (Organiser)

Sept 2023  School of Chemistry, University of St Andrews, UK

Jun 2023   UoM AMR Network Industrial Showcase, UK

May 2023  National Defense Medical Centre, Taiwan, online

May 2023   School of Chemistry, University of Edinburgh, UK

May 2023   European Symposium on Biological and Organic Chemistry, Gregynog, UK

Nov 2022   Tri-service General Hospital, Taiwan, online

Jun 2022    Association of British Chinese Professors (ABCP) Anual Conference, online

May 2022   European Symposium on Biological and Organic Chemistry, Gregynog, UK   

Feb 2022    Department of Chemistry, University of Warwick. Norfork, UK

Nov 2021    Department of Chemistry, University of Bristol. Bristol, UK

Oct 2021     Department of Chemical Biology, Xiamen University. Xiamen, China

Nov 2020   Wilfrid Laurier University, webinar. Waterloo, Canada

Oct 2020    MRC Protein Phosphorylation and ubiquitylation Unit. Dundee, UK 

Oct 2020    European Glycoscience Community webinar. RSC

Jan 2020    Dalian University of Technology. Dalian, China

Dec 2019     International Symposium on Bioorganic Chemistry-12. Shenzhen, China

Sept 2019    Beijing Normal University. Beijing, China 

Jun 2019      Max-Planck Developmental Biology. Tubingen, Germany 

May 2019     Pharmaceutical Sciences, Cardiff University. Cardiff, UK

May 2018     European Symposium on Biological and Organic Chemistry. Gregynog, UK

Jan 2018      Global Scientist Forum SUSTech, Shenzhen, China

Sept 2017     Xiamen-Cardiff Bilateral Workshop in Chemistry. Xiamen, China

Sept 2017     RSC Chemical Biology and Bioorganic Group Symposium. Firbush, UK

Jul 2017        South West Structure Biology Conference. Cardiff, UK 

May 2017      Cardiff Chemistry Conference, Cardiff University. Cardiff, UK

Jan 2017      Department of Chemical Biology, Xiamen University. Xiamen, China  

Dec 2016      Silk Road Young Scholar’s Forum. Xi’an, China 

Oct 2016       International Conference on Phosphorus Chemistry. Kazan, Russia 

Oct 2014       Krebs Institute Symposium. Sheffield, UK

Oct 2010       White Rose Protein Forum Meeting. Sheffield, UK 

Jun 2010       Trends in Enzymology. Ascona, Switzerland 

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